Below you will find our delicious and nutritious weekly kids menu.

Babies Menu

Morning TeaMashed Apple & PearMashed Pumpkin & CarrotYoghurt FruitsFarexCustard
LunchMashed BeansMashed VegesMashed MacaroniMashed Chicken & RiceMashed Pasta
Afternoon TeaMashed PearCustard & Mashed KumaraMashed FruitsMashed CarrotsMashed Fruits
Late SnackBaby CrackersBaby CrackersBaby CrackersBaby CrackersBaby Crackers

Over 2’s Menu – Week 1 & 3

Morning TeaMuffin & FruitVegemite Sandwich & FruitYoghurt & FruitPorridge & FruitCustard & Canned Fruits
LunchRice With Baked BeansMacaroni CheeseVegetable Fried RiceChicken ChopsueySandwich Lunch Box Day
Afternoon TeaJam Sandwich & FruitCake/Muffins & FruitVeggie Nuggets & FruitMouse Traps Carrot & CucumberCracker, Cheese & Fruit
Late SnackRice CakeBiscuitsRice CrackersRaisins & ApricotsBanana Chips

Over 2’s Menu – Week 2 & 4

Morning TeaJam Sandwich & FruitMuffins & FruitScones With Jam/Butter & FruitOats Porridge & FruitHash Browns & Fruits
LunchVegetable Stir Fry With RiceBaked Beans & BreadChicken/Vegetarian PizzaChicken Fried RiceSandwich Lunch Box Day
Afternoon TeaRice Crackers With Cheese & FruitPretzels & FruitYoghurt & FruitFairy Bread & FruitFruit Cake
Late SnackShort BreadRice CrackersPretzelsBanana ChipsBiscuits With Raisins