Our Little Story


    We aim to provide the best early childhood care and education services possible. We do this by working in partnership with the parents, whanau and community, with children at the heart of everything


    To provide a range of high-quality services that support child development that responds to the interests of all children under age 5 in a welcoming, stimulating and positive environment

    -To expand our horizon by partnering to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment for children to recognize and achieve their fullest potential to enable them to make their best contribution to society.


    We, at Little Ducklings, aspire to strengthen, enrich and nurture our relationship (Ngā hononga) with our whānau and tamariki with love, respect and compassion.


    At Little Ducklings Early Learning Centre, we promote genuine, respectful relationships between teachers, children and families, and value open, honest, reciprocal communication. We respect children as competent and confident individuals, we support them to build on their individual strengths, interests and encourage them in developing independence and personal responsibility. We believe that children are filled with curiosity and potential, and have the right to learn and communicate. “Play is indeed the child’s work and the means whereby he grows and develops”. We value play as a distinctive tool for exploration and self- expression and a medium of learning. We actively encourage children to express their creativity, ask questions, try new ideas, and develop their problem-solving skills. Our staff provide an encouraging and empowering environment for Learning. Interactions are caring and nurturing, we are proud to provide a safe yet challenging, well-resourced environment to meet the developmental needs of all children enrolled in our service. We acknowledge and embrace the cultural diversity of our community and enjoy honouring a wide variety of celebrations and traditions. Fun, Laughter and Play are an important part of our day. Our programme is designed to equip children as capable and competent learners, ready to take their place in the wider world. We believe that it is a shared journey of learning for children which involve Parents/Whanau, Teachers/ Kaiako and the whole Early childhood community. We promote Te Reo Maori and Nga Tikanga Maori which are made visible and their values are affirmed for children from all cultural backgrounds. We believe in Reggio Emilia based learning experiences as well as Mainstream Early Childhood experiences that endorse our Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whariki.

Meet Our Visionary Team

RAVINDER KAURAssistant Manager
Kia ora tatou, hello everyone, I am Ravinder Kaur (Dolly). I am graduated from ‘The University of Auckland’ in 2010 with a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Prior to taking this position of Assistant Manager role in Little Ducklings, I worked for nearly 4 years at Discoveries Educare at Highland Park as a Head teacher in the Learning Centre. I am a fully qualified and registered teacher. My philosophy of teaching and learning is based on the principles of Te Whariki (MoE, 1996) and are influenced by the theories of Vygotsky’s social-cultural approaches and on the practices from Reggio Emilia. I believe in developing a respectful relationship with children and parents/whanau by honouring their cultural diversity. Children are filled with curiosity and potential who learns through their everyday play experience. By providing a stimulating, supporting and safe environment children will have the opportunity to develop and become confident and competent lifelong learners.
Kia Ora! I am Ritu Gupta. I hail from the richly diversified and cultured country- India. I have been residing in New Zealand since the past two years, I have done my Diploma in Nursery Teacher’ Training (4Years to 6 years) and Bachelor of Education from India and I had been working as a qualified teacher in my country and gained a rich and diligent experience of 16 years in teaching profession. I am a New Zealand registered teacher. I have been passionate about teaching as I believed that every child possesses various innate qualities which can blossom when nourished with love, care and warmth. My philosophy is that a good teacher enhances and promotes the interests of every child, coupled with providing a stimulating environment for his holistic growth. As an educator and facilitator of knowledge and wisdom, I will assist my students to express themselves and incorporate different learning style to make their learning more efficient.
Sat Shri Akal, Namaste, Kia ora, Talofa Lava My name is Pooja Kataria. I have done diploma in early childhood education and care level 5 from Manukau Institute of Technology. I am passionate about children and their learning. I enjoy getting to know children and their families. I aim to foster in children love, trust and creative learning and the joys these aspects bring to their well-being and growth by providing quality care to make each day a new day.
More information coming soon. Watch this space.
Kia Ora, Namaste, Salam, Ni Hao and Hello, I would like to introduce myself to the best of my ability as I will be working here with your children. My name is Zainab Junaid. I was born and raised in Pakistan but moved here to New Zealand 16 years ago. I have four children and I also partake in community events. I have worked with young children for more than 15 years. I have a passion for cooking and I enjoy working with children. I am multi-tasking and I enjoy making different varieties of multi-cultural food. I will be keeping in mind the types of food that may cause irritation to the children and avoid making those dishes for the safety of the children. In my spare time, I enjoy baking and trying out new recipes. I enjoy doing all sorts of activities with children such as singing along with them, telling them stories and helping them grow into a better person for the future. I am looking forward to working with you and your children.

What Our Parents Say

I think I made the best choice to enroll my child in Little Duckling – a play school. It’s happy to hear so many classroom tales from him each day. I noticed that my child has overcome the shyness and is openly taking initiatives to converse with everyone. I appreciate the efforts made by the teachers and other staff members!
Agnatius Paasi, Your Content Goes Here

I had a really fruitful experience by enrolling two of my kids in such a warm and loving environment. It is the sole hard work and sheer determination of the makers and the mentors that they’re constantly upgrading the learning pattern for Toddlers. Teachers are warm and friendly; my eldest looks forward to coming each day. Wishing Little Duckling Team a continuous success.

Maureen Essuman, Your Content Goes Here

Little Duckling play school addresses every need of each child, ranging from education needs to emotional and social wellbeing. It’s pleasurable to have a safe environment for kids other than home. Thanks for grooming my child.

Manh Nguyen, Your Content Goes Here

The teachers demonstrate a strong sense of professionalism and dedication towards their students. Our Children are so happy and settled, within the first few days the kids were at “home”. Little Ducklings has beautiful facilities and I am really happy with all aspects the centre provides. I know my Children’s love for learning is being nurtured and catered to. I have been recommending Little Ducklings to all my friends.

Amelia Bancroft, Your Content Goes Here


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